CFAL-NetCIL Troubleshooting Guide and Frequently-Asked Questions

Applies to:  CFAL Version 1.99, NetCIL Desktop 1.99, and NetCIL Online


Updated: 7/6/2017


The following common problems can normally be corrected by following these procedures.  If you continue to experience difficulties, please call ed2c technical support toll-free at (888) 678-0683 or send email to  The link below can be used to initiate a remote support session.  You must be in contact with ed2c customer support before requesting remote assistance.

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Index of the most frequently asked questions:

Can’t edit records

Can’t logon to NetCIL Online

Compact and Repair

How to update your computer

JAWS Problems

I am using a Mac (or an iPad). How do I run NetCIL applications?

I keep getting logged off

Client always reconnects

I am using Office 2013 or 2016, and when I generate NetCIL Manager reports that use MS Word, I get an error.

I am using Windows 8, and NetCIL Client doesn’t display forms correctly.

I am using Office 2013, and when I generate NetCIL Manager reports that use MS Excel, they take a very long time.

I can’t log on to my NetCIL Amazon Server because I think that my password has expired. How do I reset it?

My screen is messed up and I can’t see anything.

I have installed the 64-bit version of MS Office and it’s causing problems.

I accidentally saved my remote access password and I want to reset it.

NetCIL Client Update is not being properly downloaded.

I installed Windows 10 and now when I try to access my Amazon remote server I get an error.




Q1: I can't edit a record.  I type, but nothing happens.

A: The record is locked.  Press the function key F3 to unlock it.  To minimize the chance of accidentally overwriting data, most CFAL-NetCIL forms require that a user "unlock" records by pressing the function key F3 or clicking the appropriate link.  For users with a privilege level of 6 or above, selecting "User Knows Best" on the Main form will override this requirement, and allow record edits without the need to unlock them.


Q2: When I open a form, I get a message that says “Enter Parameter Value”.

A: Your file server needs to be updated.  Select the NetCIL Ribbon and then click “Check File Server”:

After a few seconds you should receive a message that says, “File server has been successfully updated.”  If you receive an error, ask other users to exit and try again. 

Q3: I’m running two clients with two file servers.  When I open one it tries to connect to the other database.

A: You need to override information that is stored in your system registry.  To do so, create a blank text file called “dnr.txt” and place it in the same folder where your client files (CFAL Client.mde, CFAL Client.accde, or NetCIL Desktop Client.accde) are located.

Q4: I get a message that the database is "read-only."

A: You don't have the proper privileges to allow the necessary write-access to folders where CFAL-NetCIL files are located.  We recommend that you be granted administrator rights on your local workstation, and you need the following permissions on the folder where your file server is located:  Modify, Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read, and Write.  More information is available in the CFAL-NetCIL installation Guide.

Q5: I received a message that a "new version" was available.  I installed it, but I continue to get that message.

A: You're probably running Windows Vista.  Un-install the application and re-install it, either from our website or from installation files on your network.  You may also need to adjust your privilege settings as described in the CFAL-NetCIL installation Guide.  Another possibility is that you are running the current version of one application, but an outdated version of another.  To verify that all of your software is up to date, run NetCIL Manager and then select File...Check for Updates.

Q6: When I run CFAL or NetCIL, I get "unexpected error" messages.

A: If you’re running NetCIL Online, contact customer support, and we’ll correct the issue for you. If you’re running on your own local network, check to see if other workstations are experiencing the same or similar problems.  If so, your file server probably needs to be repaired.  To do so, ask all users to exit CFAL and NetCIL applications.  Run NetCIL Manager, and select File...View Connections.  You should receive a message that no one else is connected.  All users must exit before you can proceed. If connections are still present, then someone may have a “hung” process; in that case ask everyone to reboot their workstations. Once all connections are closed, run NetCIL Client, then select the NetCIL ribbon, and then “Compact & Repair File Server” as shown below.  You can also open the folder where your file server is located, and then open the file server directly.  You should see an option to compact and repair the file server. If not, please contact ed2c customer support to have your file server upgraded. In any event, the compact and repair process should only take a minute or so.  Note that running this procedure on a weekly basis is highly recommended.  Doing so will optimize performance and help to minimize the probability that errors will be encountered. NetCIL Online systems perform an automatic compact and repair process on a daily basis.


If only your workstation is experiencing problems, try selecting the “Compact and Repair Client” option as shown above.

Q7: My report totals don't match the values that I expect to see.

A: Make sure that you're using the latest version of NetCIL Manager.  The software should alert you when a new version is available; you can always check by selecting File...Check for Updates.  The current version can also be downloaded from our website at  Note that most NetCIL reports use complex software logic in order to determine consumer activity within a given period.  It is often not possible to duplicate this logic in a query without the use of software code.

Q8: I created a Vcard in CFAL, but Outlook won't let me import it.

A: You're probably using Exchange Server, and its security settings are preventing data import.  Talk to the person who set up your mail system.

Q9: JAWS doesn't work well with CFAL-NetCIL on my computer.  Sometimes it won't let me type, and it won’t read dropdown lists and some edit boxes. 

A: Hold down the Shift key while using the up and down arrow keys.  JAWS will then speak all combo box and edit box selections. You may also want to review the “Standard Reading Commands for Desktop Layout” section on the JAWS Keystrokes page of the Freedom Scientific website. Note for users of Jaws 14 and above: There are some known problems with the way that JAWS is interpreting MS Access forms. These issues have been reported to Freedom Scientific.

If you continue to have problems, try re-booting your computer.  If the problems persist, check to see how old your computer hardware is, how much memory you have, and what kind of a graphics card you are using.  JAWS reads screen data from your graphics card, and it needs a lot of memory.  If you're using an inexpensive computer that uses shared computer memory for graphics display, you may have problems.  It's highly recommended that JAWS users be provided with a computer that has a separate - and powerful - graphics card.  Database applications like Microsoft Access also need lots of memory, and Windows Vista, 7, and 8 versions require a powerful graphics card in order to run correctly.  If you have frequent problems with JAWS, you may need to upgrade your computer hardware. Our recommended configuration: A computer with at least 4 Gb of memory, a dedicated (NOT integrated!) graphics card, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Microsoft Office Professional 2010 32-bit, and JAWS 13.0 64-bit. Please note that Microsoft products are available to 501-C3 organizations at very low cost from Tech Soup. The hyperlinks in the previous sentences will take you directly to the pertinent Tech Soup catalog listings.

Q10: I have Microsoft Access 2007 and after I installed the 2007 version of CFAL Client I receive an error that says "This database is in an unrecognized format"...

A: You need at least one Office 2007 Service Pack to be installed on your machine.  You can download and install Office 2007 Service Pack 3 here:

Q11: I have Microsoft Access 2010 and after I installed the 2010 version of NetCIL/CFAL Client I receive an error.

 A: You need Office 2010 Service Pack 1 to be installed on your machine.  The best way to correct this problem is to follow the steps in Q12. You can also download and install Office 2010 Service Pack 1 here:

Q12: How do I keep my computer updated?

A: If you’re using Windows 7, select Start…Control Panel…Windows Update…Change Settings (menu in bar to left). Ensure that your settings are configured as shown below:

Please also follow the instructions for updating your computer that can be found here.

Q13: I can’t log on to NetCIL Online.

A: Please ask your system administrator to log on to NetCIL Online using their NetCIL Online System Administration.rdp file, and then to follow the instructions that can be found here. If you continue to have difficulty, please contact us.

Q14: I keep getting logged off.

Extract from the User Guide:  By default, NetCIL Client is designed to automatically terminate if no activity is recorded for 90 minutes.  Level 10 users can adjust this value by selecting the “Accessibility Features” button near the bottom right of the Main screen. The following dialog will appear:

Enter a “System Timeout” value (in minutes) as desired. If a value of 0 is chosen, the system will never time out.  If the “All Users” checkbox is not selected, users who have checked the “User Knows Best” option will be exempt from the system timeout limits. Note that the Accessibility Features menu also allows all font and screen sizes to be reset to their default values.


Q15: I am using Office 2013 or 2016, and when I generate NetCIL Manager reports that use MS Word, I get an error.

1. Open an existing document in MS Word.
2. Click the File menu and choose Options.
3. Click General (This is the default option).
4. Un-check “Open e-mail attachments and other uneditable files in reading view” as shown below.
5. Click Ok.

MS Word will now open documents in the print layout view rather than the read-only view, and NetCIL Manager will be able to generate reports.



Q16: I am using Windows 8 and Office 2013, and NetCIL Client doesn’t display forms correctly.

This is a bug in Windows 8 that is caused when you configure your display to use “Medium – 125%” or “Larger – 150%” settings. The issue was reported to Microsoft, and it has been fixed in Windows 8.1. Ensure that you’re running Windows 8.1, and that you have all mandatory and optional updates installed. Failing that, you have two work-around options:

1. Using Control Panel…Appearance and Personalization…Display, re-configure your setting to “Smaller – 100% (default)” as shown below.

2. Open NetCIL Client, select “Colors and Shapes” from the Main screen, and then select “No Theme” as shown below.


Q17: I am using Office 2013, and when I generate NetCIL Manager reports that use MS Excel, they take a very long time.

This is a problem in Office 2013 and 2016 that is caused by an inherent anti-virus capability that Microsoft added to Office 2013 applications. Ensure that you’re running NetCIL Manager version 1.96 or higher; it’s been optimized for better performance. You can install it directly from the downloads page of


Q18: I am using a Mac (or an iPad). How do I run NetCIL applications?

Method 1:

If you are running NetCIL on an Amazon Virtual (cloud) server, you can use the Safari web browser of your iPad or Mac to perform basic data entry. To do so you’ll have to have a complex password set for your database user account; You can do that via NetCIL Manager Config...Database Users.
 "Complex" means at least six characters, a mix of upper and lower case, and at least one non-alpha character. Some examples: Temp123# is valid; temp123# is not valid; Temp123 is not valid.

Once you've done that, open your browser to:

http://{your site} (follow this link to visit our demo site).

Enter your site password: “demo” if you followed the link above - Select your name from the drop-down list that appears, and enter your (complex) database password. You can then select "People" or "Work Log" from the menu. If you visit the demo site, use ‘demo” wherever a password is requested.

Full instructions can be found on our help web site:

Method 2:

You can install a free Remote Desktop App that works for iPads and Macs.  For iPads, follow this link:

For Macs, follow this link:

Once installed, run the app, then use it to go to http://{your site} - Use your Windows log-on information to access your system, where you'll find icons for all NetCIL applications available on your desktop.

Q19: I can’t log on to my NetCIL Amazon Server because I think that my password has expired. How do I reset it?

Run any NetCIL Online application as you normally would. When prompted, enter your old username and password as shown below:


Wait for the Remote App dialog to appear, and then select “Show Details”:

You’ll then be redirected to a screen like the one below. Select “OK”.

Enter and re-enter a new password as shown below, and then press the arrow button or the Enter key.


Q19: My screen is messed up and I can’t see anything. The buttons are too big (or too small) or they’re black.

Open NetCIL Client, press ALT-* and then ALT-! . Your screen will be reset to default values, and then you can use the Appearance function from the Main screen to adjust settings as desired.

Q20: I have installed the 64-bit version of MS Office and it’s causing me problems.

We do support 64-bit Office, but you can’t mix versions. If one person upgrades, then everyone has to upgrade. We also have to upgrade your file server for you. Microsoft recommends against using 64-bit Office unless you have some compelling reason to do so (see the article link below). But, if you really want to convert to 64 bits, give us a call and we’ll gladly help you to do so. But please read this article first:

Q21: I’m using NetCIL Online. I accidentally saved my remote access password and I want to reset it.

Step 1: Right click on the desktop icon that you use to connect to NetCIL Online, and select edit:


Step 2: Select “delete these credentials”, and then select “Yes” when prompted. Select “Cancel” to close the dialog, and then double-click the NetCIL Online icon to open it again. You’ll once again be prompted to enter your password.



Q22: NetCIL Client Update is not being properly downloaded.

Step 1: Run NetCIL Manager, select File… Check for updates. You’ll be prompted that a new version of NetCIL Client is available; Select OK:



Step 2: After download, a window will open to the contents of a zip file. Select all three files, and copy them to the clipboard:



Step 3: Open the folder where your NetCIL data is located. IF you don’t know where that is, open NetCIL Client, and click the link at the bottom of the screen:



Step 4: Open the Setup subfolder:


Step 5: Paste the files from your clipboard into the folder. Select “yes” if prompted to overwrite. All users should then receive a message to install the new version of NetCIL Client when they next run the application.


Q23: I installed Windows 10 and now when I try to access my Amazon remote server I get an error.

There is a known problem with Remote Desktop on Windows 10 64-bit systems when the Fall Creators update has been applied. If you have a Windows 10 64-bit system with the Fall Creators update you won't be able to use pre-configured RDP files until Microsoft fixes the issue.  As a workaround you can connect to generic Remote Desktop, and disable printer redirection as shown below:





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