CFAL-NetCIL Database Support and Training Information

Updated 11/21/2020

We try hard to provide you with the best possible support for our software systems at the lowest possible cost.  Keeping our systems compatible with current agency reporting requirements and ever-changing technology is, however, difficult and expensive. Our suggested annual fee for support of the NetCIL system is $900 per year per site. The fee provides the following services:

We’re committed to providing you with a powerful database system at the lowest possible cost, and we respectfully request that you include our support fee in your annual budget calculations. If however our suggested fees impose a strain on your budget, please contact us.



CFAL-NetCIL systems require no special training in order to be useful. Nevertheless, well-trained users will be able to take advantage of many powerful features that will greatly expand your ability to effectively manage your organization. As such, we highly recommend that you allocate budget on an annual basis for system training. We conduct regular online webinars at no cost for all users, and we also offer specialized training at the following rates:

For more information please refer to our training schedule.


How to obtain assistance

In order to help ensure that you receive the assistance that you need in a timely fashion, please try the following steps: 

(502) 412-4000 (Main office – Eastern Time Zone)

The primary points of contact for NetCIL support issues are:

Caroline Fortin x112

Renata Aminova x111

Our offices are normally occupied Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time.  If you are unable to reach either Caroline or Renata, our support staff will be automatically alerted by e-mail, and you should receive a callback within one business day.

If you encounter any problems with support, please call James Moore at (646) 580-0828.  We'll do everything that we can to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

We’ve also started a NetCIL User’s Group on Google:

All users are encouraged to join the discussion; we welcome your feedback.


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