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Updated: 12/16/2020

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NetCIL Client Software Update Instructions

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NetCIL Online applications are updated automatically.  Version information applies to companion NetCIL Desktop applications. Desktop users will be prompted to download and install updates when they become available. You can always perform a manual update by installing applications directly from the downloads section of the NetCIL website.


NetCIL-S Client Version 2.7

Release date: November 15 2020


·         Improved fault-tolerance for replication

·         Fixed editing bugs on Outreach and Referrals forms

·         Other minor bug fixes


NetCIL-S Client Version 2.6

Release date: May 23 2020


·         End-to-end encryption for data transfers

·         Improved encryption features for portable replicas

·         Improvements to Group Case Note management

·         Improved error correction, other ergonomic enhancements and bug fixes


NetCIL-S Client Version 2.5                                     

Release date: April 9 2020                                                   


·         Improved fault tolerance and data correction


NetCIL-S Client Version 2.4                                     

Release date: April 4 2020                                                   


·         Corrects an issue that can cause a hung process on some systems using MS Access Runtime

·         Adds support for Skype on the Web


NetCIL-S Client Version 2.3                                     

Release date: March 31 2020                                                          


·         Corrects a bug that can occur on older systems that caused “ownership” of some records to be reassigned when tabbing from DOB on the People form


NetCIL-S Client Version 2.2                                     

Release date: March 28 2020                                                          



NetCIL-S Client Version 2.1                                     

Release date: March 21 2020                                                          



NetCIL Client Version 1.995                                     

Release date May 6 2019                                                     




NetCIL Client Version 1.993                                     

Release date February 19 2018                                                       




NetCIL Client Version 1.99                                       

Release date July 2 2017                                                      



NetCIL Client Version 1.98                                       

Release date February 4 2017                                                         



NetCIL Client Version 1.974                                     

Release date November 30 2016                                                    



NetCIL Client Version 1.971                                     

Release date September 12 2016                                                    



NetCIL Client Version 1.97                                       

Release date: August 27 2016                                                         




NetCIL Client Version 1.96                                       

Release date: June 1 2016                                                   



For more information click here.


NetCIL Client Version 1.93                                       

Release date: December 17 2015                                                    





Previous changes in versions 1.8x:



NetCIL Manager Version 2.04


·         Ability to Exclude CARES only people.

·         Ability to select multiple grants when running reports.

·         Michigan Quarterly report update.

·         Improvements when running reports by grant calculations.


NetCIL Manager Version 2.03

·         Superseded by v2.04; Transition to secure communications when checking for updates.


NetCIL Manager Version 2.02

Release date: April 17 2020



NetCIL Manager Version 2.00

Release date: June 30 2017



NetCIL Manager Version 1.99

Release date: December 12 2016



NetCIL Manager Version 1.96

Release date: August 3 2015




NetCIL IR Log Version 1.45

Release date: April 17 2020


NetCIL IR Log Version 1.42

Release date: March 8 2012

A brief summary of changes in NetCIL Client Versions 1.8 and CFAL 5.8 is given below.

You can associate System Barriers to individual consumer goals. The System Barriers concept was introduced in the State of Michigan to enhance their data collection and analysis capability along with their excellent Outcomes Model, which is now an inherent part of the NetCIL application. For more information about how to use the model in your center, please contact the Michigan SILC.

If you don’t want to use the System Barriers capability, you can of course disable its functionality, as you can any function in the NetCIL system, by following these instructions.




Any individual can be marked as deceased by opening Notes then selecting New… Category “Profile Change”, then selecting “Died” from the “Profile Change Category” control. For deceased individuals, age calculations will then use the date field of the note rather than the current date. These calculations are need by Parent to Parent organizations for matching purposes, but can be used by any agency for any individual. If you use this procedure for a consumer, the category will automatically be changed to “Consumer Deactivates” and standard logic for deactivation of a consumer will be used.


The age of deceased individuals will be marked in bold red. Screen reader users will receive a pop-up message when their cursor lands in the date field.


You can easily display all current consumers by selecting the “consumers” icon from the NetCIL Ribbon.

If requisite data for a consumer is missing, or if duplicate disabilities are listed, the status box will generate a warning message in bold red.


When using a replica database, users will now see an “Update” field in the upper left corner of all consumer forms. A check in the “Update” box indicates that data has been changed, and that this data will override data in the master database when a synchronization is performed. If you wish, you can un-check the box, and the associate data will not be synchronized. This capability can be useful if you know, for example, that address changes are being made in the main database, and you don’t want to override those changes with any edits that you make. Unchecking the “Update” field will not affect updates to other records or tables. For example, if you un-check the “Update fields in the People Form for Charlie Brown as shown here, any case note entries and edits that you’ve made will still be synchronized ,unless you specifically un-check the update field for those records as well.

Level 10 users have access to a query named “Config Changed Demographics”. Other users can create a spreadsheet of changed demographics by selecting the “Synchronize” button on the NetCIL Client Main screen. These features are only available when you are connected to a replica database.

The synchronization process has been streamlined and its performance has been greatly enhanced. Screen reader users can create a replica and synchronize with just a few simple keystrokes.



Version 1.95 Notes

A consumer should only have a single “Person Becomes Consumer” record, and it should be written when an individual is first enrolled as a consumer. Subsequently, if a consumer de-activates and then re-activates, “Individual Becomes Inactive” and “Individual Re-activates” records should be written. It was discovered that some users erroneously entered “Person Becomes Consumer” records upon reactivation; doing so caused some minor errors in reporting statistics. Version 1.95 ensures that the correct sequence is always used. “Person Becomes Consumer” records can only be written once; subsequent attempts to enter those records will result in an automatic change to “Individual Re-activates”. The correct sequence is shown below. Upon installation of version 1.95, legacy data will also be auto-corrected.

To track and report Medicare / Medicaid services, follow these steps:

-          Ensure that you have entered records that contain the words “Medicare” and / or “Medicaid” in the Insurance Codes table as shown below.

-          Enter Insurance records (Alt-*) from the People form as shown below (in datasheet view):

-          Create a “Medicare/Medicaid” report from the Excel Reports section of the Reports Form:


Medicaid Billing Instructions (Version 1.995)

Any record in the History Codes table that contains the word “Medicaid” in the “Type” field will be treated as a “Medicaid” record:

The two date field labels will change to read “Start Time” and “Stop Time”. You can enter either a stop time or a start time and hours value; The remaining value will be calculated. Both values will update if either value is edited. The value in the “Hours” drop-down list will always round to the nearest fifteen minutes. If (and only if) you have configured a Grant Code record with a Grant Code field labelled “Medicaid” (not case-sensitive), Grant Type will automatically select that record upon initial entry.  If (and only if) you have configured a Funding Code record with a Funding Code field called “medicaid” (not case-sensitive),  Funding Type will automatically select that record upon initial entry, and Funding Amount values will be filled in, if configured:






Installation Instructions

NetCIL Online systems are updated automatically. To update NetCIL applications on your local system, please follow these procedures:

  1. Ensure that you create a backup copy of your data. You can do so by running NetCIL Manger and then selecting File…Transmit Data to ED2C.
  2. Ask all other users to temporarily exit any NetCIL applications.
  3. Run NetCIL Manager. You should receive a message that a new version of NetCIL Client is available. You can also select File…Check for Updates… and then manually download the installation files.
  4. Due to new Windows 10 security features, the downloaded installation files will probably remain in a zipped file. The zip file should open to reveal its contents; If it does not, look for it in “C:\Users\{Your User Name}\App Data\Local\Temp”:




  1. Copy the contents of the zip file to a subfolder called Setup in the folder where  your file server is located – Normally the path will be “C:\NetCIL Data\Setup” on your server.
  2. After completing these steps, run NetCIL Client, and select “Yes” when prompted to allow the update to proceed.
  3. After a successful installation, the application may tell you that your file server needs to be updated; You must allow it to do so. This process only needs to be performed once.
  4. Once the initial installation is complete, other users can run NetCIL Client. When they receive a “New Version” message, they should allow the update to proceed.
  5. You can always download and install the 32-bit or 64-bit versions of the NetCIL Desktop Client installation files from the NetCIL website:
  6. For installation assistance, or to provide us with feedback, please write to or call at 502-412-4000 x112.


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