NetCIL IRLog User Guide

Applies to: IRLog Version 1.42

Revision Date: 10/4/2011






NetCIL IRLog is a software application that is designed to handle quick intakes and referrals for the CFAL database system.  Its use is optional, but recommended.


Description: Description:



The I&R Log application was created as an application to be used when recording Information and Referral (I&R) services or calls for non-consumers within CFAL. These I&R services will be automatically entered into the CFAL database and counted on all state reports as well as the yearly 704 report.




Ensure that the I&R Log is connected to your CFAL database by clicking the Connect menu in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.  Verify that the connection is the same as that used for CFLA Client and NetCIL Manager by examining the “Connected To” messages at the bottom of each screen.




Make sure that Microsoft Access is selected and that the file path to the server where your CFAL database is located is listed in the box below it. If the file path is not listed, click the small box to the right and find where CFAL database is located. If you have more than one CFAL database you can change your connection by following these steps as well.

















Entering a new Information and Referral contact 


Before you enter a new I&R contact into the database press F5 to search for the person's name just as you would in CFAL. You can also search by last name by pressing F9 or phone number by pressing F11.



Description: I&R search



Once you have verified that the person you wish to enter has not already been entered, click the New I&R Contact button at the top of the screen.



Description: New I&R Contact







A new I&R contact screen will open and you can fill out as much information as you choose on that form.  Note that the Contact Type will automatically default to Information & Referral. 


Description: I&R service



Make sure that you select the number of hours you spent giving information to the contact and you record the interaction in the Referral Note section of the form. The service provided will be automatically listed as Information and Referral.  If you refer this new contact to a staff or refer them to an organization, you can select them from their respective drop down lists.  After you have completed the New I&R contact form, click save and exit.  You will then see the name of the new contact listed on the main form.


If you wish to see all Information & Referral services provided during a specific period of time, you can select specific dates on the calendars at the bottom of the screen and click on the Show button.  By clicking on the Excel Icon, you can export the results into an Excel workbook.


Description: i&r main screen



Note to I&R Log users who refer people to staff:


All Information and Referral contacts and services entered from the NetCil I&R Log will automatically be added to your CFAL Database.  You can retrieve these records through the People form and the services through the Referrals sub-form (Referrals button on the People form). 


On the NetCil I&R Log, if you selected a staff person in the Primary Referrer-to Staff drop down list, this information will also be recorded in the CFAL Referrals sub-form however the Completion Date will be left blank as seen in the following graphic. 


Description: referrals


This will trigger an automatic message to the staff upon opening CFAL. 


Description: open referral message


This message will keep appearing as long as the completion date is blank and the staff will be reminded of this open referral every time they open CFAL.  To close the referral, a completion date must be entered on the Referral form in CFAL. 


Recording a new Information & Referral Service for an existing contact


If someone who has already been entered as an I&R contact calls back for additional information, you can select that person's name from the list and press Enter.  The detailed demographic screen will automatically open with all existing data.  If there are no changes in demographic data, proceed to the lower part of the form where the service information is recorded.


Description: I&R service2


The service requested will default to Information and Referral. You will need to select the number of hours you spent providing the service, enter a note describing the interaction and all other pertinent information (Access Category, Staff Referral or Organization referral, etc).  Always remember to click the Save and Exit button when you're finished recording a new I&R service.


Entering an Anonymous Information & Referral contact and service


If someone calls and does not want to give their name or any other additional information, you can list them as an anonymous contact in the I&R log.


On the Main screen of NetCil I&R Log, just enter the name of the organization the person was Referred from and/or Referred to as well as a brief note on the Anonymous I&R Quick Entry section of the screen as shown below. Once the note is recorded, just click on the Store Anonymous I&R Service button.  


Description: anonymous I&R2


Every time someone calls anonymously you can use the Quick Entry form. This process will not create multiple anonymous records.  It will simply add a new Information and Referral service to the existing Contact Anonymous record.  As with other records added with NetCIL  IRLog, this information will be available in the People form in CFAL, under the Contact Anonymous record.  Services will appear on the Referrals sub-form.


Adding a New Organization


If you need to quickly add an Organization to your database, you can click on New Organization at the top of the I&R Log screen.   Make certain that the organization is not already listed in the database prior to entering it.  Enter the name of the organization, the primary contact, the phone number  and click on the Add button.  You new Organization will now appear as a choice on the drop down list. 


Even though the NetCIL IRLog lets you enter a new organization into the system, the proper way to enter and manage your organizations is through the Organization form in the CFAL application.  


Description: new org I&R



Check for Updates


Click the Check for Updates button to make sure you are running the most current version of the I&R Log. If you are running the most current version a green check mark will appear, if there is a download available a download button will appear.


Description: check updates


The About button gives basic information about the version of the I&R Log and states that it was created by ed2c.


At the bottom of the I&R Log main screen there is a checkbox called Do Not Resize. Check this box if you do not want to screen to change from its current size or resolution.



For additional assistance with any of the topics covered in this manual, licensed users are encouraged to contact ed2c technical support:


(888) 678-0683


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